cooliris is freaking awesome!


Vinh Nguyen


May 13, 2009

Cooliris, an add-on for most browsers (firefox, safari, even IE), let's you browse images on websites interactively and in a very "nice" layout.

I had it before, but never got it to work because they said it works for photobucket but I couldn't get it to work (they say press on the icon). Recently, I was looking at pictures through Picasa, and I hit the icon that appears on the picture and it took me to it. Really cool! You can do searches (google, youtube, etc) and play images and videos.

After some time googling, I found out that with photobucket (and any supported site), I can click the cooliris icon right next to the url bar / search bar. It will be un-grayed if the site is supported.

Works with facebook as well.