Learning latex


Vinh Nguyen


May 13, 2009

These days when search for LaTeX questions, I often end up on up at this wikibook.

I don't like pulling up the "not so short guide." as I can can get the answer through Google much faster. Google is like my second memory bank. All I need is to be able to link my thoughts to keywords. For example, I wanted to make a heat map in a previous post. The heatmap function in R did not produce what I wanted. I then remembered a heatmap is actually a colored contour plot. I googled "R colored contour" and it took me to filled.contour, exactly what I needed.

Back to LaTeX. I just wanted to remind myself that when others ask me what they should do to learn LaTeX, I should send them to the "not so short guide" and this wikibook (Leslie Lamport's book is good too, but come on, who really needs to buy a computer book these days? It's a good reference, but to learn and get started, there are plenty of good, free alternatives online).