Collaborations via Google Docs + Compilation of data with Google Docs Forms


Vinh Nguyen


May 17, 2009

Google Docs has been around for quite some time. You can view and edit word docs, spreadsheets, and presentations online. You can also view pdf files. Besides from the abilities to view and edit documents, collaboration (multiple users editing the same file) is also possible. Instead of sending files back and forth between users, we can invite collaborators via email to have access to a Google Docs file (must have google account). Then, any collaborator can edit the file and everyone else can view the changes made the file is opened (or immediately in real time if it is currently open). This is especially useful for small businesses and non-profit organizations (eg, my local church youth group).


Have you ever wanted to send a group of people questions (eg, a survey) and have them email you back their response? After receiving the responses, you have to input the data into some master document such as a spreadsheet. The "forms" feature in Google Docs simplifies this significantly. Create a form, send the form to users, users fill out the form (either in email or by clicking a link), and all submitted information will be populated in a spreadsheet inside Google Docs. I find this very useful. For my youth group, I plan to use it for registration.