slideshows from photobucket or flickr etc. in google sites


Vinh Nguyen


July 12, 2009

Google sites is great. It allows for easy website creation, and easy group collaboration on projects, wiki, intranets.

What am I using google sites for? Well, for the non-profit youth group that i volunteer with at my local church, I created:

  1. A webpage for the group, where i mapped the domain that we registered to it. It is great in that i can have many people work on the site using the built-in features; no html or javascript experience needed. It is as easy as a WYSIWYG word processor, but here, a webpage creator. You can embed such things as a picasa slideshow, google map, youtube video, and everything google. For each page that you create for the site, you can make it a page, a file cabinet, a discussion (announcements), or a list…really useful for my group.
  2. An intranet-type site where I keep private – only the management board of the group gets access. I created this site to upload all the documents and paperwork we deal with. There is a page for each term (every management term is 2 years), and the site serves as a repository of documents for future management boards to use, and as a record/history.

Yes, so google sites is great. What i wanted to blog about was that it is very easy to embed a picasa slide show in the site, but most of the pictures for our group is located on photobucket. There is an old method that uses an iframe hack to get this, but google sites will throw out all "illegal" iframes now. Thissite talks about it, and mentions that it no longer works. However, we can embed google gadgets to get the slideshow to work from photobucket. From the site: """ To use them, simply select "more" from the "insert" menu (while editing a page in your site) and search for "sites iframe gadget". """

You can find a gadget that will take feeds. Get the feed url from photobucket (on bottom…. *.rss) and paste it into the gadget. Now things work. very cool!

UPDATE: search for "takeslides." There are a few, take the 3rd one (the one to Info: takeslides Slideshow Gadget

Jeremy R. Geerdes for Uses the Google AJAX Feeds API and GFslideShow to create a simple slide show of your favorite media RSS feed