Online storage: A Drive


Vinh Nguyen


August 4, 2009

So I mentioned before about using Drop Box to sync my files, and I use google sites to host my website, etc. However, both have limits on files uploaded and stored. What if I have large media files? I can upload videos to youtube for videos, but they convert the video to flash, and these days they remove audio if u have any copyright sound like music. Crap.

I ran across MS skydrive, which gives 25gb. I was surprised at this, a MS product that Google doesn't have? I decided to google online storage, and i ran into this site and this site. After some research, it appears ADrive seems to be the best out there, with 50gb free storage, and the limit on a file is 2gb. That's plenty for me and my youth group. Now I will use A Drive to store large files….until Google G drive comes out.

UPDATE: based on this post, it seems like the public link of each file gets changed every 14 days if you click on share this file. This means i can't put the link on my google site. ehh, i guess i can only use it to store important files, not necessarily share them.