an innovative idea? blogging by email: posterous


Vinh Nguyen


August 22, 2009

so i recently discovered (through michael zeller again) a new blogging service called posterous. it's pretty innovative in that u can post by email. really? blogger let's me do that too, and so does wordpress and most blogging services. however, posterous stands out because it'll do all the work for u. put in a link to a video and it'll embed it on your blog. attach and song, same thing. attach multiple pictures and it'll embed a gallery. want to format ur blog? write the html and posterous will take care of everything. cool huh? look at the list of features yourself. i'm still debating on whether to switch over or keep using blogger. i mean i guess i can start another blog on there for a different topic, but face it, i only have time for one active blog right now, and that i don't have another interest that i could blog about. to switch or not to switch? some drawbacks i see with posterous:

  1. attaching too many files my gmail will get huge.
  2. security issues with emails…what if someone spoofs my email and posts?

michael zeller points out that he likes the email idea because he could write everything in emacs using org-mode, save them for version control, and email them in emacs. i guess thats a good idea. however, right now my current blog is like a repository for my brain….it's very random and scattered. i don't organize (i let google do the organizing). to switch or not? i want to try to switch, but i'm having issues importing. also, i would have to change some links in my blog that refers to the older posts. i chose blogger in the first place because it is simple, integrates well with google, and has a wide support online. hmmm…decisions decisions