Perfect VoIP combo: Google Voice + Gizmo


Vinh Nguyen


August 30, 2009

So I've had my google voice telephone number for quite a while now, but i haven't used it much since there is no good google voice app for my windows mobile phone. i'm still waiting for sprint to release the new android-based samsung phone. i'm sure google voie would go VERY well with the google voice service.

One thing i HAVE been using google voice with is to get an official phone number for my church youth group. it makes us look a lot more professional now that we have an often-updated website, domain-based email addresses, and a phone #. it's great in that the number will be permanent, even when the administration changes: just change the forwarded #. however, my primary phone, which is a mobile phone, is already linked to my personal google voice account. although i mentioned that i haven't really used it much yet, i'm sure it's only a matter of time before i roll out my personal google voice #.

what do i do with my the church youth group #? forward it to my Gizmo #. Gizmo is a VoIP service that is QUITE similar to skype. I'm sure skype is more popular, but a lot of parts of Gizmo is open source. Best thing is google voice supports it. Went over to the Gizmo site and signed up for an account. Configured google voice to work with Gizmo (One gizmo account actually works with multiple google voice accounts, so both my personal google voice # and my church youth group # are being forwarded to my gizmo account). There is a an open source VoIP app for Mac OS X that is very small and simple called Telephone. I'm using that as my Gizmo client on my laptop.

Some useful links: <> <> <> <> <>

some things i still would like is to have SMS to be free with gizmo and google voice.