switch to wordpress than decided not to


Vinh Nguyen


September 5, 2009

i was just about to switch to wordpress for blogging, with the for the following reasons:

  1. native support for LaTeX
  2. native support for syntax highlighting
  3. 3gb of space, as opposed to the 1gb from blogger that's shared with picasaweb.

reasons 1 and 3 are also why i chose wordpress over posterous

i was just about to go through all my imported entries to add in [sourcecode] [/sourcecode] and then i decided not to because i liked blogger better because of:

  1. google search in my blog
  2. administration pages were too javascript dependent, so i felt slow and too dependent on the mouse
  3. access to google gadgets
  4. rss icons on the side and top in blogger

the google search in my blog was the most important feature, because my blog is my memory bank, so i need to be able to search! thus im keeping my blogger.

maybe if i start another blog in the future that is non-technical, i'll use wordpress or posterous