Using Google My Maps: planning my stay in San Francisco


Vinh Nguyen


March 27, 2010

So I have to be in SF for an internship this summer. As with all relocation there is the hassle of finding a place to live. After googling to find a suitable apartment, I realized that Craig's list is the best place to go. I tried to avoid it at first since I just wanted to deal with apartment managers, but I realized that many apartment managements are bad (the reviews!). I thus resorted to Craig's List (temporary and sublets) and housing options information from UCSF, such as this. Finding a place to live is a bitch because I won't have a car (rely on public transportation). Thus I have to get a place that is close to public transportation stops (thank goodness public transportation in SF is great), especially close to where the company-sponsored bus stops are at. After finding an ad, looking up a location, weigh in a bunch of information (furnished, rent, utilities, etc), comparing it to bus stops, things got out of hand. I needed a program/service that plot out multiple locations. Google Maps came to the rescue! I used the My Maps feature (click on it), created a private map, plot out where the bus stops (company) are, 24 hour fitness, gyms, costco, etc. Next, each potential housing option, I saved it, along with it's link (eg, craigslist) and additioinal information. This made the job a little easier (housing hunting is always a bitch!). Be sure to google or find out where the bad neighborhoods are, eg, tenderloin in SF.