Multiple Dropbox instances on UNIX systems (Linux, Mac OS X)

Mac OS X

Vinh Nguyen


June 6, 2010

I have one main Dropbox that I use and try to grow by referrals. I use it mainly for files I feel are important (backup!) and I need accessible everywhere. Sometimes I need to collaborate with others or have additional files I need accessible everywhere (for a short period of time). I don't want these files filling up my main account so I have side accounts (2gb). To get multiple instances on a Mac OS X I followed these instructions. For other Unix-like machines follow these instructions (includes a link for Windows too). NOTE: Don't follow the Linux instructions on the first link.

UPDATE: For Linux, use the dropbox command from $HOME/.dropbox-dist/ (see this post). Thus, for my second Dropbox account, I do

mkdir $HOME/.dropbox-alt
## content of
HOME=/home/username/.dropbox-alt /home/username/.dropbox-dist/dropbox start -i
## end of
chmod 775

Add /path/to/ in System > Preferences > Startup Applications.