softmod original xbox + xbmc


Vinh Nguyen


August 5, 2010

Now that I have a NAS set up as my file repository, I would like to access my media on the TV. I bought an original xbox (1) on craig's list for $20, the xbox dvd remote on amazon for ~$6, an xbox usb connector on ebay for ~$2, and the original Mech Assault game at Game Stop for $2. I also needed a compatible usb drive, which I obtained by borrowing my sister's Sandisk Cruzer 1gb flash drive.

Some easy things first. To get universal remote controls to work with the infrared (IR) dongle on the xbox, set the DVD player mode on the remote to RCA.

The goal is to get XBMC on it so I can stream media to it via my NAS (samba mount). Here is a quick outline. The directions I followed were these.

  1. Make sure the Dashboard version on the xbox is version 5960.
  2. Download the Action Replay software and Softmod Installer Deluxe or SID (including game saves, if not will have to get elsewhere) off bittorrent.
  3. Follow these steps to get the gamesaves and installer onto the compatible usb drive. This part took me the longest as I didn't follow the directions fully (the usbview.exe, changing the driver, etc.). Once done, I can drag the gamesaves over. Also note that the USB drive is compatible if the xbox says it will erase it. Otherwise, it is not. All my USB drives were not compatible until I borrowed my sister's.
  4. Plug in usb with game save to xbox along and copy the gamesaves to the hard drive. I couldn't see copy, but look at link to find out how.
  5. Insert the Mech Assault game. In Campaign, load the Install Linux gamesave.
  6. Backup some stuff (MS Backup + Eeprom), then install softmod. Restart. Plug in ethernet (from router for my case).
  7. Turn off static ip, restart.
  8. FTP to the xbox (find out ip through xbox settings). Besides the drive folders, I couldn't see any files. NOTE: On some xbox's, I have trouble transferring files. In that case, I place XBMC and other apps in a dvd with BoXplorer, and transfer the files via SID, BoXplorer, or XBMC.
  9. Download T3CH XBMC. I downloaded the SVN build; be sure to read the README. Place the XBMC folder into a folder called APPS. Drag APPS over to E:\.
  10. To get the XBMC dashboard as default, followed these instructions. For EvoX dashboard (what we have), I needed to rename Team XBMC Shortcut.xbe to evoxdash.xbe and created a evoxdash.cfg with E:\AppsXBMCdefault.xbe inside. I placed these to files in C:, but it didn't work. Rename E:\evoxdash.xbe to E:\evoxdash_org.xbe. Placed the two files in E:\ and things worked. Note that I messed this part up once, and I got a code 13 error. I had to insert the Mech Assault disc again and reinstalled the softmod. UPDATE: In the XBMC zip folder, there is a tools directory. Rename the xbe and cfg file in there to evoxdash.xbe and cfg and place them on the xbox's E drive.

After adding a samba share, follow these instructions to get it to save the username and password.

In case anyone is interested, the xbox in my room is connected via ethernet (since my router is in the room). The xbox outside is connected to a router (wireless bridge). The xbox's suffice my family for now since we don't do HD content (yet) and the TV's are old (RCA cables).