Send and receive your phone’s SMS through Instant Messages


Vinh Nguyen


October 7, 2010

I read this post and found out about TalkMyPhone, an Android app that let's you send and receive SMS messages from any instant messaging program such as Pidgin via the jabber protocol.

It comes in handy as I don't like having a long conversation via SMS when a computer is in front of me; I can multi-task on the computer like I usually do without having to take my hands off the computer keyboard.

My setup is as follows:

  1. Register for an account on jabber.
  2. Make sure that this account is friend's with my gmail gtalk account; done by IM'ing the gmail account from this web app (didn't work in Pidgin).
  3. On my computer, sign on to the jabber account from 1, eg, through Pidgin.
  4. In TalkMyPhone's settings, set to notify the address from 1. Leave the default setting of unchecked "Use a different account" (the phone's google talk account will communicate with the account from 1).

I really like it, but I have a feeling it will eat up battery pretty fast. Since I'm in front of the computer, just keep the usb port plugged in for charging. Enjoy!