Future of computing?


Vinh Nguyen


October 13, 2010

This is what I envision the future of computing to be if things were up to me. I can turn on any computer and be able to access an environment that has all the applications I use via a web login. That is, I should be able to remotely log in to my computer/server from any computer that has a web browser and be able to do things on it very fast. I also envision computers to be portable like that of an ipad, but with a keyboard peripheral that can connect to the device to turn it into a laptop (can't live without keyboard shortcuts; think emacs and conkeror).

The cloud computing piece is partially addressed by eyeOS. However, I have not yet tried it since it isn't Debian-based (hence not "mainstream") and appears to have to be installed on top of a another OS (eg, via VirtualBox). I would want the remote login from the web to be a built in feature of Debian.

The portability piece I'm sure will be widely available soon due to all the tablet manufacturing going on. I've actually seen one with a portable keyboard attached to turn the tablet into a laptop prior to the ipad release, but have forgotten the link.

I wonder if my dream will come true.