ddclient to keep track of computer IP address via DynDNS


Vinh Nguyen


December 26, 2010

I recently watched a video on gizmodo that shows how a hacker retrieved his stolen computer. I'm not exactly sure how secure this is, but using ddclient to keep track of all your devices' IP address (WAN) on DynDNS can be useful.

I signed up for multiple accounts at DynDNS to follow all my computer devices. In case they get stolen (hopefully not), then I might be able to trace the location of the devices if they connect to the internet. I also have openssh installed on most of my computers. I doubt I'll be able to ssh to it though since most computers connect to the internet behind a NAT (via a router).

ddclient can be installed on ubuntu with sudo apt-get install ddclient (walkthrough configuration will present itself during the installation process). Pretty cool.