Create bootable USB drives of Windows installation CD’s in Linux


Vinh Nguyen


January 16, 2011

Nearly all netbooks and many laptops don't come with an optical storage drive (DVD/CD). To re-install an OS, one would need to boot it from a USB drive. In this post, I outline how I could create a bootable usb drive for a Windows 7 disc. The information was taken from a reply on this post. I assume the usb drive is /dev/sdb on the Linux machine. ms-sys is required.

## Run under root
cfdisk /dev/sdb
mkfs.ntfs -f /dev/sdb1
mount -o loop win7.iso /mnt/iso
mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb
cp -r /mnt/iso/* /mnt/usb/
ms-sys -7 /dev/sdb