Install SAS on Linux


Vinh Nguyen


July 13, 2011

When installing SAS on an Ubuntu machine, I ran into issues like /bin/sh being linked to /bin/dash instead of /bin/bash and the deployment wizard not starting. This post helped me resolve my issues.


sudo rm /bin/sh
sudo ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh
sudo apt-get install xauth x11-apps libstdc++5 ia32-libs libxp6 ## deployment wizard not starting
sas -work /tmp

The default work directory for sas is /usr/tmp. This isn't available on Ubuntu. You can always use the -work argument on the command line or change the default location. Change it in !SASROOT/sasv9.cfg (/usr/local/SAS/SASFoundation/9.2/sasv9.cfg). Other default options such as memsize could also be changed in that config file.