S5 Reloaded themes with Sigma’s emacs org-mode method


Vinh Nguyen


September 12, 2011

In the past, I've described the benefits of a slide show based on html. I used to prefer the html5 method over S5, but after some use, I've come to realize that the html5 method (at least the one described here) isn't ready for prime time yet. The display of the slides can get screwy. For example, the current slide might not be centered correctly. Therefore, I'm going to recommend the S5 system for html slide shows for now.

For use with Emacs org-mode, use Sigma's method. Why? It is easier to change themes compared to Eric Schulte's method (the latter method currently does not support a change in themes I think). In addition, it is compatible with the very good looking S5 Reloaded themes.

To change themes in the original S5 archive and have it work with emacs org-mode, copy ui/default/slides.js to ui/i18n/slides.js. To get S5 Reloaded themes to work, add jquery.js and org-slides.js from Sigma's archive (in ui) into S5 Reloaded's ui directory. Also, change /default/ to the desired location (theme) in S5.org from Sigma's archive.