Mount on Ubuntu Linux via webDAV


Vinh Nguyen


December 8, 2011

I recently signed up for a free 50gb account at At the time of this writing, does not have an application to sync files from a Linux machine to their servers. I followed this guide and this post to mount the service to a local directory. I did:

sudo apt-get install davfs2
emacs -q -nw /etc/davfs2/secrets
## added the following to the end of the file: " username password"
mkdir /mnt/
## added the following to /etc/fstab
## following equivalent to defaults except noauto instead of auto; /mnt/    davfs   rw,suid,dev,exec,noauto,nouser,async,uid=vinh,gid=vinh  0       0

Now do sudo mount /mnt/ to have have it mounted. Note that the account will automatically mount at startup.

Input/Ouput error

If you get an input/output error when copying files to your folder, then add the following to your /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf (per this post):

use_locks       0


I have the noauto option in /etc/fstab because I don't want the directory to be mounted at boot time. Why? Mounting requires an internet connection, and a network cable might not always be plugged; a mount error would require manual intervention (Skip or Manual mount) at startup. Instead, we should automatically mount the directory whenever a network connection is made by placing the following script,

#! /bin/bash

mount /mnt/

as /etc/network/if-up.d/mountBoxDotNet; remember to make it executable with chmod +x.