Record streaming radio with streamripper


Vinh Nguyen


April 13, 2012

Yes, many radio shows are available as podcasts. However, some are not. If a radio show is also broadcasted via a live stream online, then we could record it with streamripper. I did so as follow:

sudo apt-get install streamripper ## install
## record for 60 seconds
streamripper -s -l 60 -a "Prarie - %d"

To have the show be recorded automatically, first create

#! /bin/bash

## set in crontab:
## 59 17 * * 6 /path/to/
cd /path/to/save/; streamripper -s -l 3720 -a "Prarie - %d" &> /dev/null

Then add the following cron entry via crontab -e:

59 17 * * 6 /path/to/