First hackintosh with Windows dual boot using Intel NUC DC3217BY

Mac OS X

Vinh Nguyen


February 7, 2014

My friend recently introduced me to the Intel NUC (DC3217BY). It's basically a micro form factor barebone system that comes with Intel's ULV i3 processor (powerful and low power consumpton). I decided to get one, slapped on 8 GB of ram, a 256 GB mSATA SSD, and a Broadcom based half-sized e-PCI network card, and Hackintosh'd it since the processor is similar to what's in an Apple Macbook Air. Basic instructions for this particular hardware could be found here and here. A generic guide could be found here. For dual booting with Windows, this article and this post helped. This is what I recalled doing to set up:

Multibeast options:

Chameleon Wizard options for org.chameleon.Boot:

What would I do differently now? Consider getting a network card with bluetooth like the Dell DW1702 per this. I'm not sure if my monitor has speakers, so this would enable me to use wireless speakers. Update (8/22/2014): I ordered this wifi + bluetooth card (BCM943225 HMB/AzureWave AW-NB290) as it was cheap and that this guide shows it works well on a Mac after installing toledaARPT.kext from the repo. Now I have both wifi and bluetooth. The Windows driver for this card can be found here (direct link here).

Now, time to mount the small NUC to the back of my 27" monitor.

#+../../files/2014-02-07-multibeast.png <../../files/wpid-2014-02-07-multibeast5.png>

#+../../files/2014-02-07-chameleon-wizard.png <../../files/wpid-2014-02-07-chameleon-wizard5.png>