Chocolatey: a software/package manager for Windows

Using Chocolatey to automate software installation on Windows.

Vinh Nguyen


January 20, 2023

I recently discovered Chocolatey, a package manager for Windows. It allows one to automate the installation of Windows software on the command line, analogous to apt for Debian/Ubuntu, dnf/yum for RHEL, and brew (Homebrew) for Mac OS X.

After installing Chocolatey, one is able to run something like the following in Powershell:

choco install -y 7zip notepadplusplus rtools anaconda3 javaruntime quarto zoom docker-desktop powertoys npm firefox calibre bitwarden googlechrome joplin pandoc

These were the tools I needed on a laptop I purchased around Christmas 2021. This will help me set up new Windows workstations when I start with a fresh machine.